ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Officials at the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division and New Mexico Donor Services are pushing for more residents to consider becoming organ donors.

The Motor Vehicle Division said Thursday that it signed up more than 46,000 new organ donors in 2017.

Throughout April, Motor Vehicle Division offices around the state have been displaying posters encouraging people to register as organ donors. Clerks also are talking to customers about the choice to become organ donors.

Congressman Pearce Says He Supports IRS Overhaul

Apr 20, 2018
Rep. Steve Pearce (R) New Mexico


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Congressman and New Mexico gubernatorial candidate Steve Pearce says he's in favor of overhauling the Internal Revenue Service.

Pearce said Thursday the federal tax-collecting agency is operating under antiquated technologies and processes and that's why he was among those in the U.S. House to support legislation aimed at modernizing the agency.

The New Mexico Republican pointed to several bills passed this week, including measures to improve cybersecurity and protect taxpayer identities.

Las Cruces Utilities’ Water Rate Review Going on Now

Apr 20, 2018

The Utility Customer Advisory Group (UCAG) is hitting the road to help inform our community of the water rate review underway right now. After almost a year of studying rates, reviewing revenue requirements, and the cost of providing services, potential rate designs are now on the table. UCAG also works with an experienced independent consultant to clearly understand our local issues.

Your Weekend Pulse

Apr 20, 2018

Time now for Your Weekend Pulse! your guide to what is happening in our area this weekend with Alexia Severson, Pulse Editor for the Las Cruces Sun-News and Edmundo Resendez. This weekend, the Fifth Annual Red, White and Blues Fetival, Southern New Mexico Earth Day, Peter Pan presented by A Children’s Theatre of the Mesilla Valley and Project in Motion, and Rhythm Nights featuring the NMSU DanceSport Company. 

DAAC 31st Annual Community Arts Awards

Apr 19, 2018

Las Cruces, NM – On this edition of PUENTES, bridges to the community, host Emily Guerra met with Doña Ana Arts Council Executive Director Kathleen Albers. They will be celebrating the 31st Annual Community Arts Awards with a Garden Party (Hats are Optional) on Sunday, April 29th from 3-6pm at the Arts & Cultural Center, 1740 Calle de Mercado in Mesilla. There will be appetizers, wine and beer by local vendors, and a dessert table; with music by “Oldies But Goodies.” Tickets and information are available at

Leora Zeitlin

Flamenco dancer and teacher Frank “Paco Antonio” Gilpin first heard flamenco music when he was a dance student at UNM, and immediately enrolled in a flamenco class. “This was really hard,” he said, but he soon realized “this is my passion. I’m going to discover some way to do this.” Gilpin went to study with flamenco masters in Spain, and has been bringing his passion, talent and skill to the stage and to his students ever since.

ALBUQUERQUE – The Justice Department today announced that former U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer Christopher M. Holbrook pleaded guilty in federal court in Las Cruces, New Mexico, to obstruction of justice. 

The charge stems from Holbrook’s falsification of a report regarding his use of force against an individual, referred to as R.A.M., on March 23, 2015. At the time of the incident, Holbrook, 31, was working as a CBP officer in Las Cruces. 

Suspected Las Cruces Carjacker Arrested in Deming

Apr 19, 2018

The man suspected of the Feb. 23 carjacking of a Toyota Prius from a 76-year-old in Las Cruces is behind bars on a similar charge in Luna County.

Stephano R. “Benjamin” Hart, 24, of Surprise, Ariz., was charged Thursday with one count of unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, a fourth-degree felony. Hart was arrested March 27 in Deming and faces a similar charge there for an incident that also occurred in February.

Udall, Heinrich Introduce 'Choose Medicare Act' To Make Medicare Available To Everyone

Apr 19, 2018
Senator Martin Heinrich (D) and Senator Tom Udall (D)

Commentary: WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 19, 2018) - U.S. Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich introduced the Choose Medicare Act to give every individual who is not already eligible for Medicaid or Medicare the opportunity to enroll in Medicare as an individual or every employer to purchase Medicare for their employees.

Southwest Airlines Sought More Time For Engine Inspections

Apr 19, 2018

DALLAS (AP) — Southwest Airlines sought more time last year to inspect fan blades like the one that snapped off during one of its flights Tuesday in an engine failure that left a passenger dead.

The airline opposed a recommendation by the engine manufacturer to require ultrasonic inspections of certain fan blades within 12 months, saying it needed more time to conduct the work.


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China Makes Its Move In Latin America

5 hours ago

Commentary: When I was in graduate school, I had a professor in my Latin American Economics class who used to always say that when a void is left in a particular economic sector, a new element would step in to ‘sop up the gravy.’ I often think of this phrase when I see the reversal of the long-standing U.S. position of promoting free trade. While the U.S. has reversed course in fomenting trade ties in with the rest of the world, other nations are stepping in to fill the void.

peter goodman

Commentary: "When I stand at last before the face of God, God will say to me, 'show me your wounds.'  And I will say, 'I have no wounds.' And God will ask, 'Was nothing worth fighting for?’"     

I could write a column containing just that phrase, repeated 16 times.

South African writer Alan Paton put it into the mouth of a fictional character decades ago.

Ancient Roman roads have lessons for New Mexico

Apr 19, 2018

Commentary: Economists long argued that infrastructure is critical to economic development. A new study of Roman road networks makes this point in a new way. It finds that proximity to ancient roads correspond to increased economic development today.

The Roman Empire, of course, was a political entity that encompassed much of southern Europe, northern Africa, and the Middle East. The traces of Roman roads are found everywhere within this region. Indeed, it can be argued that to be part of the Roman empire was to be connected by road to the City of Rome.

Commentary: Our children need nature. To grow up healthy, kids need a clean, beautiful, and accessible outdoors where they can play and discover the amazing world around them. Spending time with family while connecting with nature brings tremendous health and educational benefits to children. Fortunately, New Mexico has numerous spectacular and historically and socially significant outdoor areas and we must do all that we can to protect them.

Biden And Booker In 2020?

Apr 19, 2018

Commentary:  I recently came across a survey on, a website that claims to be the "oldest community of progressive activists, with over 3 million supporters." After clicking on potential candidates for president that I would vote for in 2020, the survey's results popped up on the next screen. Here was the breakdown:

Joe Biden-14.8%

Bernie Sanders-11.44%

Elizabeth Warren-12.81%

Cory Booker-10.16%

Kamala Harris-9.48%

Kirsten Gillibrand-6.7%

Andrew Cuomo-4.57%

Eric Holder-5.6%

Julian Castro-4.31%

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