Jeff Greenfield

Anchor, "Need To Know"

Jeff Greenfield, a veteran political, media and culture reporter and analyst, has spent more than thirty years on network television. He most recently served as CBS Senior Political Correspondent.

Prior to his return to CBS News, Greenfield had been senior analyst for CNN since 1998. During that time, he served as its lead analyst for its coverage of the primaries, conventions, presidential debates and election nights, as well as presidential funerals and Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Greenfield also has reported on the media, culture and trends for the cable network.

Though the five-time Emmy winner’s reporting has taken him to locales around the world from South Africa to Japan to Europe, he is principally known for his coverage of domestic politics and media. He has served as a floor reporter or anchor booth analyst for every national convention since 1988. He has twice been named to TV Guide’s All-Star team as best political commentator and was cited by the Washington Journalism Review as “the best in the business” for his media analysis.

Before joining CNN, Greenfield was a political and media analyst for ABC News (1983-97), appearing primarily on “Nightline” and delivering weekly commentaries for “World News” Sunday.

Previously, he was the media commentator for CBS News (1979-83). Greenfield has also has appeared on William F. Buckley’s “Firing Line” and PBS’ “We Interrupt This Week.” He was the anchor of PBS’ “CEO Exchange,” a limited-run series, for five seasons.

Greenfield, a native of New York City, graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin, where he was editor-in-chief of The Daily Cardinal. He is an honors graduate of the Yale Law School, where he was a Note and Comment Editor of the Yale Law Journal. Following law school, Greenfield worked as a speechwriter in the Senate office and in the 1968 Presidential campaign of Robert F. Kennedy. He then worked as chief speechwriter for New York Mayor John Lindsay.

Greenfield spent seven years with famed political consultant David Garth, and wrote books and magazine articles as well.

His work has appeared in many publications, including The New York Times Magazine, Harper’s and National Lampoon. Greenfield is the author or co-author of 12 books. His first novel, “The People’s Choice (1995),” was a national bestseller and was named by The New York Times Book Review as one of the notable books of the year.  “Oh, Waiter, One Order of Crow (2001),” is an insider’s account of the contested 2000 presidential election.  His most recent book “Then Everything Changed; Stunning Alternate Histories of American Politics” was published in March, 2011.