12-Year-Old Helping Victims of Wildfire

Jun 28, 2012


(NEAR RUIDOSO, NM) -- While fire crews work to fully contain the little bear fire, lincoln county officials are organizing a weekend exposition to provide information about recovery efforts.  Help is coming in from all sorts of places. Josh Young, 12, is getting his bags ready to go door-to-door in what use to be his neighborhood. "Well we sort through all of them and we said 'oh this will fit so and so' and we put it in this bag and this will fit so and so and we put it in this bag," he said. He is collecting clothes for people who lost everything during the little bear fire. "What I did, was I called my real mom up in Midland and I told her to bring all her friends clothes and all her clothes that she doesn't wear and I know some people that live in Ruidoso downs and my big brother, I told him to bring some clothes and I told his girlfriend to bring some clothes so, I had three bags from them," he said. The bags began to add up and josh went to work. "Some of these people's houses didn't deserve to burn you know, some of these people were really good people," he said. The Little Bear Fire has destroyed more than 240 homes and businesses.  Fire officials say its still only 90 percent contained as fire fighters work to put out various hot spots near Ruidoso. "There was a little red house right there but all these trees and everything here was green," he said. Despite the smell of burned metal and rubber in the air, josh, like many others are more than willing to volunteer and help neighbors get back on their feet. "I think it makes them feel good," he said.