33rd Annual Senior Olympics Kick-Off In February

Las Cruces, NM – Each year the senior Olympics starts with an event that brings together everyone interested in participating in events for the County games.

All managers of the twenty-six sports available will be on hand to provide information on games. An awards ceremony will also take place.

Registration begins at the event, but will continue until mid-march. There is a small fee to participate in the Olympics and athletes must be fifty years of age by December 31st of this year.

Dona Ana County Senior Olympics President and senior Olympian Jack Welch says it's a great opportunity for friendly competition.

Welch-"The primary goal of our organization is to get seniors off the couch on their feet and into a good prudent exercise program of sports participation. For the most part its people in a sport that they are just picking up for the first time or maybe they are getting back in after a couple decades."

Welch says he expects around three hundred and fifty county athletes to get involved. Over thirteen hundred athletes are expected to compete in the state games in July at New Mexico State University.

The kick-off event will be Saturday February 19th at Trails West Clubhouse on Avenida de Mesilla.