5-Year Prison Sentence For Man Convicted In Battery At Las Cruces Club

Jun 27, 2014

  Las Cruces—Judge Marci Beyer sentenced Nicholas Vallejos 5 years prison followed by 5 years probation for his violent actions at Graham’s Central Station in July 2011.      

Vallejos was charged with 3 counts of Aggravated Battery (Deadly Weapon or Great Bodily Harm), Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Battery (Deadly Weapon/Great Bodily Harm).

Prosecuting Assistant District Attorney, Shoshanah Epstein presented the case for victim, Pape Diop, former NMSU basketball player, who sustained a very serious abdominal laceration that ended his basketball days; and victim, Joann Ortiz, who experienced a complete loss of her left eye as a result of the wounds inflicted by Vallejos.

Mr. Diop said he was dancing with a female in the club that night and may have accidentally bumped into Vallejos, then the melee began.

In 2013 Vallejos sold methamphetamines to an undercover agent with his wife and child in the vehicle on multiple occasions.

Vallejos’ employer spoke before the Honorable Judge Beyer pleading for leniency in her sentence of Vallejos.  Judge Beyer said she could not reconcile how seemingly “good, hard working people” can also at the same time commit repeated offenses that cause such harm to the community.

Information from: Third Judicial District Attorney's Office