$850K Granted For Wolf-Livestock Programs

Aug 17, 2013

New Mexico, Arizona and several other states will share $850,000 in grants from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for programs aimed at reducing conflicts between wolves and livestock.

Game and fish departments in New Mexico and Arizona will receive $20,000 each to compensate ranchers for cattle and other livestock that are killed by wolves.

New Mexico will get another $50,000 and Arizona will get $40,000 for conflict reduction measures.

The grants total more than $155,000 for the two states and the San Carlos Apache Tribe.

Federal officials say the funding will help the Mexican gray wolf recovery program.

The Mexican wolf was added to the federal endangered species list in 1976. The 15-year effort to reintroduce them in New Mexico and Arizona has stumbled due to illegal shootings, politics and other problems.

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