ABQ Zoo Welcomes Baby Siamang

Jan 18, 2014

Zookeepers at the Albuquerque BioPark are celebrating the birth of a siamang.

Native to the forests of Malaysia, siamangs are the largest species of lesser apes and are in the gibbon family. The tailless apes have long arms and lightweight bodies, making them perfectly designed for swinging through the treetops.

The baby siamang was born last week, but zoo staffers said Friday they have yet to determine its gender.

The zoo will be holding a naming contest in the coming days.

On Friday, zookeepers also found one of two male Saltwater Crocodiles dead in its enclosure.

A necropsy was being done to help determine the cause of "Joe" the croc's death. It may take days or even weeks for tissue samples to be examined and results returned to the zoo.

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