After Veto And Long Dispute, NM Will Help Pay For Court's Furniture

Dec 5, 2012

A government board led by Gov. Susana Martinez will provide part of the money to furnish a new Santa Fe courthouse, which could sit vacant for months before judges can move in next year.

The State Board of Finance approved $250,000 Wednesday to buy some furniture for the $60 million 1st Judicial District courthouse, which will be completed this month.

Administrative Office of the Courts Director Arthur Pepin says the building can't be occupied without an additional $400,000 for furniture and $200,000 for computer equipment.

Money will be requested from Santa Fe County, which paid for construction, but the courthouse will sit vacant until summer if the judiciary has to wait for the Legislature to finance the furnishings.

Martinez vetoed nearly $1.4 million for courthouse furnishings earlier this year.

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