Alamogordo District Suspends Use Of Novel

Oct 12, 2013

The Alamogordo school district has removed a fantasy novel from use in English classes while it reviews the content.

District superintendent George Straface says the decision came after a parent pointed out a passage that was seen as inappropriate. He tells the Alamogordo Daily News that the description of a sexual encounter and the use of a curse word warrants a review.

The book, "Neverwhere," is about an Englishman who is drawn into an alternate reality of London's abandoned subway system and sewer tunnels. It's been part of the school district's curriculum since 2004.

Nancy Wilmott is the parent of a teenage girl assigned to read the book. She says the district should have warned parents about the details.

English teacher Pam Thorp says she doesn't condone the censorship.

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