Albuquerque Police Chief Wants Union To Support Changes

Jun 6, 2014


Albuquerque's police chief says the police union should get on board with changes his department will make as a result of a critical federal report on use of force and handling of suspects with mental illness.

Police Chief Gordon Eden said Thursday that other cities' police unions have lost clout when they didn't cooperate in negotiations following U.S. Department of Justice reviews.

Eden said he hopes it doesn't come to that in Albuquerque and that he wants to work with the police union to solve the problems.

The Albuquerque Police Officers Association's president later told the Albuquerque Journal  that the union recognizes that change is coming and wants a role in negotiations.

However, association President Stephanie Lopez said city officials have largely ignored her since the report came out.

Information from: Albuquerque Journal. 

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