Albuquerque Police: Pedestrian's Death Intentional

Oct 22, 2013

Albuquerque police say a man is accused of intentionally running over and killing another man because of a dispute involving electricity.

Officer Simon Drobik (DROE'-bik) says 72-year-old Peter Temple was arrested in the death Monday of Robert Galbaldon on a street near Galbaldon's shop in an industrial area of the city.

Drobik says Temple reported his van as stolen.

However, Drobik says detectives determined that Temple and Galbaldon were involved in disputes over the past week concerning Temple's use of electricity from Galbaldon's shop.

Drobik says Temple was booked into jail on suspicion of murder and tampering with evidence. It's not immediately known whether Temple has a lawyer.

Galbaldon was in his early 40s.

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