Alternative Fuel Legislation Heads To Gov. Martinez

Feb 20, 2014

  Santa Fe, NM – House Bill 30 (HB 30) sponsored by Representative Roberto “Bobby” Gonzales (D-42-Taos) and Senator Tim Keller (D-17-Bernalillo) has cleared both chambers, after passing the Senate floor, and heads to the governor for signature. The legislation adjusts and equalizes tax rates among different fuel types, eliminates outdated obstacles to alternative fuel use and streamlines administrative processes. House Bill 30 has the endorsement of the Legislative Transportation Infrastructure Revenue Subcommittee.

The Alternative Fuel Industry has been seeking and HB 30 achieves consistent rate setting among vehicle fuels. Some analysts have estimated that the interstate trucking fleet could be comprised of as much as 10 percent natural gas fueled trucks in five years.

“These changes will clear the path for the greater use of alternative fuels now and in the future,” said Sen. Keller. “The creation of more alternative fuel options will serve New Mexico well from both an environmental and an economic perspective. It’s a Win-Win!”