Ask NMSU: Is it true that KOB radio started on the campus of NMSU?

Mar 2, 2012

The answer from Jon Hunner, NMSU Professor of History.

 Yes, Electrical Engineer Professor Ralph Willis Goddard built KOB radio and licensed it to State College in 1920. Over a 9-year period, Goddard developed the radio station with radio dramas, farm shows, news programs, and live music. Goddard operated the KOB facility on 1030 kilohertz with powers up to about 20,000 watts. Tragically, on New Year’s Eve in 1929, Goddard was electrocuted when he turned on KOB’s transmitter during a rainstorm. Shortly thereafter, NMSU’s Board of Regents sold the station and it was relocated to Albuquerque, where it operates today as KKOB, the Voice of the Great Southwest. Goddard’s legacy continues at NMSU as NPR station KRWG-FM, established in 1964, and PBS station KRWG-TV. Both proudly bear the initials of Ralph W. Goddard.

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