askNMSU Debuts Here And On KRWG-FM September 5

Las Cruces – Have you ever wondered Why the sun lightens our hair but darkens our skin? Whether it's true that Billy the Kid was pardoned before he was shot to death? Beginning Sept. 5, askNMSU will provide an opportunity for members of our Las Cruces area community to gain knowledge on a broad range of topics from the experts in all the colleges at New Mexico State University.

One question will be selected each week and the answer from one of our faculty members will be broadcast on KRWG-FM Mondays at 6:59 am and 8:59am. After they are broadcast, you can listen to all askNMSU segments on

If you have a question for the experts at NMSU, submit it by e-mail to Don't forget to listen for the questions and answers starting Monday Sept. 5.