Assessor May Be At Your Door

Las Cruces – Dona Ana County Assessor Andy Segovia and his staff have begun a state-mandated door-to-door reappraisal program of all properties within Dona Ana County.

Appraisers will be looking for both positive and negative changes to property values resulting from age, demolitions, renovations, improvements and/or additional structures. Office records will subsequently be updated to better describe each property and determine an accurate assessed value.

To accomplish a county-wide door-to-door appraisal, several teams of appraisers will be deployed to efficiently and systematically canvas all neighborhoods throughout both municipal and rural areas.

Assessor's staff will be making direct contact with property owners and/or leaving door hangers, letting the property owners know that the property has been reviewed.

All staff in the field will carry credentials and will travel in marked Dona Ana County Assessor's Office vehicles. All field appraisers will provide identification information upon request and will provide contact information so that any concerned resident can get quick, accurate answers to any questions or concerns about the appraisal process.

For more information, you may visit the Dona Ana County Assessor's Office at 845 N. Motel Blvd., in Las Cruces, or call (575) 647-7400.