Attorney General Defends $15K Campaign Donation

Santa Fe, New Mexico – SANTA FE, N.M. (KRWG) Attorney General Gary King says money raised to retire his 2010 campaign debt isn't covered by newly imposed caps on political contributions.

King reported Tuesday receiving a $15,000 contribution last month from a New York City law firm.

A King spokesman said contribution limits that took effect after the November general election don't apply to fundraising for the 2010 elections. King has a campaign debt of $248,000.

Candidates for statewide office in New Mexico previously could accept contributions of any amount. Under the new law, individuals, businesses and PACs are limited to giving $5,000 per election to a statewide office candidate.

A spokesman for Secretary of State Dianna Duran said her office, which administers the campaign finance law, will review the $15,000 contribution received by King.

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