Austin Trout To Be Honored In Parade

Dec 12, 2012

A parade is set for Saturday to honor Austin Trout, who is back home in Las Cruces after winning the W.B.A. super welterweight title at Madison Square Garden in New York.

“It feels great – the support and the love I’m receiving is almost overwhelming so it’s good to be home,” said Trout.

A lot of Las Cruceans are inspired by the boxer.

“You know not a lot of people from this little town make it big and for someone like him to make it big especially in boxing…when they first brought him out half the country didn’t even know who he was. And so he won the fight and everybody was so happy with him and everybody figured out what Las Cruces was about,” said David Jaurigue.

“We don’t have no professional teams of any sport you know, so it’s good to get recognition that there’s a pro fighter at least,” said Ronnie Aragon.

Trout is known for his commitment to fans. Chris Lang owns the company that works on promotions for Austin.

“Just being at the airport the other night when he came home…he stayed until every last autograph was signed, every last picture was taken, I mean, he stayed,” said Lang of The LNG Company.

Trout has some advice for any of his fans with a dream.

“Shoot for the stars. Make sure you go as high as you can at the highest level possible in whatever it is you want to do…and you’re gonna have a lot of success.”

His trainer talks about being on the road.

“…lack of seeing your kids, lack of seeing your loved ones. You know they have to pick up the slack and it’s very very difficult for the families,” said Louie Burke.

Trout hopes to fight Canello Alvarez soon.

“I hope I get that fight. I think it’d be a good mega fight against two undefeated champions and there’s no reason it shouldn’t happen but if it doesn’t happen I’ll stay busy just keep fighting whoever wants to step up to the plate.”

Until they do step up to the plate, Austin seems to be enjoying his welcome back home.

The welcome-home parade is set for Saturday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. starting at Sierra Middle school on Spruce Avenue.

From there, it will go to the Police Athletic League on Solano Drive.