Balderas Picks Up Endorsements

May 24, 2012


Albuquerque - The Rio Grande Sun today endorsed Hector Balderas for United States Senate.  This endorsement comes on the heels of the Santa Fe New Mexican also throwing their support behind Balderas’ candidacy.  The Rio Grande Sun praised Balderas’ work as State Auditor, his inspiring upbringing and his commitment to holding Washington accountable.

“He’s intelligent, hard-working and most important in Washington politics, he’s ethical.  Balderas has taken on New Mexico big dogs, where others shy away and protect their political careers,” the Editorial Board said.  “He is truly an inspiration to those who don’t come from money or an automatic ticket to higher education and life opportunities.  Balderas did the work on his own.” 

Additionally, PAC+, an organization of national leaders “focused on democratizing money and politics” endorsed Balderas today.  PAC+ is run by a “National Board of over 70 community and policy leaders in 16 states and is ‘powered by’, a social justice advocacy organization.” 

In their endorsement, PAC+ said, “Growing up in Wagon Mound, New Mexico, Hector is a true and fierce fighter for justice. His record on accountability and investing in education makes Hector one of our Progressive Champions.”