Bardwell: Pearce Needs To Support A Budget For People, Not Wars And Walls

Apr 2, 2017

Credit (donald trump)

  Commentary: I want to thank Congressman Pearce for holding a Town Hall in Las Cruces. I wanted to ask a question about Trump’s anti-people budget but time ran out.

The biggest winners in the Trump budget are the military and homeland security. These two agencies will receive tens of billions to increase the size of our armies, to build fighter jets and navy ships so we can go to war and to build a wall and employ more armed guards to divide us on the border.

The biggest losers are New Mexicans, our economy and the land, water and air that sustain us.

New Mexicans need affordable housing, clean air and water, rural development, and a less hot climate. We need Congressman Pearce to oppose the stifling cuts to the EPA, NASA, NOA, HUD, and the USDA.

New Mexicans need education, jobs and trade. We need Congressman Pearce to oppose the border wall and cuts to Education.

New Mexicans depend on this Nation’s engines of basic research in science and health. We need Congressman Pearce to oppose steep cuts to the National Institute of Health, and Department of Energy’s Office of Science.

New Mexicans embrace our art and culture and public news station. We need Congressman Pearce to oppose zeroing out funds for the National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, and National Public Radio.

The world thrives on diplomacy with educational and cultural exchange not bombs and wars, we need Congressman Pearce to oppose the draconian cuts to the State Department.

We need Congressman Pearce to promise to invest our tax payer dollars in programs that help people and communities, not war and walls.