Big Question In Texas: How Will Perry Use His Veto Power?

May 19, 2013

Credit Former Texas Governor Rick Perry (R)

As the Legislature barrels toward its Memorial Day finish, Gov. Rick Perry is getting more powerful by the hour.

That power is tied to Perry's veto pen and his demonstrated willingness to wield it like a sledge hammer over his 12 years as governor. He has vetoed more than 260 bills and used his line-item veto power over the state budget to slash billions in spending.

Perry has again emerged as a force in the last few weeks, most notably in 11th-hour budget negotiations. He has pushed for nearly $2 billion in tax cuts and made veiled threats of a budget veto if lawmakers tried to raise fees to pay for transportation.

One bill seen as a likely veto target requires some politically active nonprofits to disclose major donors.

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