Bill McCamley Running for House District 33

Mar 11, 2012


There are big changes expected to take place in Santa Fe.  There is a familiar face looking to replace another well-known policy maker in the New Mexico Legislature. Former Dona Ana County Commissioner Bill McCamley is running for office, again. “I’m running for the New Mexico House of Representative for District 33,” he said. McCamley is seeking to replace state representative Joni Gutierrez, who recently announced she’s not running for re-election so she can focus on becoming the Democratic National Committeewoman. “The state legislature gives you a real opportunity to work on some things that I believe and a lot of other people believe are very important to the future of our community.” If elected, McCamley wants to focus on job creation, energy, and education. “There’s a lot of people that are frustrated with what is going on in Santa Fe, they look at it as a broken government and when you look at issues like transparency, setting up an ethics commission, trying to find ways of bringing more into the process, a new state legislator who can bring some passion and energy and new ideas can come help restore some of that trust between the people and the government up there,” he said. McCamley, a long-time resident of Dona Ana County served four years as commissioner.  In 2008, he ran for U.S. Congress and recently campaigned for the Office of Land Commissioner.  McCamley hopes to re-fuel the legislature with new energy and new ideas debating important issues. “When we’re talking about driver’s licenses, we’re not talking about improving the education system, we’re not talking about cleaning up the corruption and ethics issues in Santa Fe so, I think its very important to get that thing resolved, sit down come together, figure it out and move on to talk about other issues which honesty I think are going to be more important in the day to day lives of our average New Mexicans,” he said. As of right now, McCamley faces on opponents in House District 33, but that could change in the coming weeks. “I hope there is, it’s good for democracy to have a choice and so I hope setting up and run so folks have a real choice and I look forward to hanging disclosure with folks on the best ways of moving our community, our state forward into the future,” he said.