Bingaman Says Senate Working On Electric Vehicle Legislation

Las Cruces, NM – Senator Bingaman says the Senate will be voting to move on with legislation on electric vehicles and additional authority for the department of energy to encourage electric vehicle use in the county.

The electric vehicle bill has two parts to it, one being to encourage more use of electric vehicles and the other is to encourage more use of natural gas, and both will focus on buses and fleet vehicles of various kinds.

Bingaman says this legislation was unanimously reported out of the senate energy committee.

Bingaman-"It provides that the federal government will assist communities that want to put in recharging stations, it will encourage that model communities be chosen around the country to try to encourage more use of electric vehicles in those communities as a way to get the country more focused on shifting over to use of electric vehicles."

Bingaman says the legislation is being pushed because of soon to be released electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt which are coming out in the coming months.