‘Black Friday’ Rings In Shopping Season

Nov 23, 2012

Drawn by door busters, people lined up for days to get a place at the front of the line on Black Friday as some businesses took extra measures to prevent crowd surges.

Some of the shoppers at the Best Buy on Lohman Ave. had been waiting since Tuesday.

One of them was a man who calls himself Pumpkin King. He explained what he did while in line.

“Buy some food, pull the backseat of your car out and set it on the sidewalk. That’s what I slept on, hang out with friends, bring some extra sodas,” said King.

Harry Day is a manager at the store. He said the store has been prepping for months focusing on the last few days.

“This past week we’ve all been working seven days a week just to be able to make tonight happen.”

“It’s gonna be a long 24 hours so we’ve got our work cut out for us but we’re ready to handle it,” said Day.

Security guards were hired and Las Cruces Police Department officers were there to watch crowds.

Several stores like Best Buy gave out vouchers for the “doorbuster” items to cut down on rushes when the doors open.

Carlos Lopez was one of the security guards working into the morning. He’s done this before and says this year preparation seems like more of a focus.

“They’re more well prepared this year than previous years so they already know what to expect and the crowd’s pretty good right now,” said Lopez.

He said he probably wouldn’t be seeing his family out in the crowds this year. “No they’re usually just at home.”