BLM Changes Horse Roundup Plans In New Mexico

Dec 8, 2012

Plans for rounding up wild horses in northern New Mexico have changed.

The Bureau of Land Management says it's reprioritizing the horse gathers based on drought conditions and the condition of the animals.

In New Mexico, trapping on Jarita Mesa has been cancelled because conditions there aren't as bad as they are in other areas.

Fewer horses will be gathered from the Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory in New Mexico because of limited holding space.

The BLM is nearing capacity at its holding corrals and pastures. That means officials have less ability to remove animals from overpopulated herds and drought-stricken rangeland.

There are an estimated 405 mustangs roaming the Jicarilla territory in the Carson National Forest and BLM-controlled land in the Carracas Mesa area. Managers have said the herd should be much smaller because there's not enough forage to keep the horses healthy.

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