Blue Star Mothers Recruiting New Members

Jul 9, 2012

(LAS CRUCES) -- It's a special organization in Las Cruces helping military mothers deal with the physical and emotional challenges they face everyday, when their child leaves for war. Cynthia Clark is working to add more members to her group. “We have dealt with blue and gold star moms from El Paso because they don’t have their own chapter,” said Clark. Clark is also looking to welcome moms from all over southern New Mexico.  She wants them to be a part of the Bull Star Mother of America. “We try to help each other and send care packages to our kids over seas and we also do a lot of support for those who have lost their child in the war, too,” she said. Clark helped start the local chapter in Las Cruces back in 2008 after her son, Benjamin went to the naval academy. “He’s a great kid.  We weren’t threw four really tough years and now he’s doing what he wants to do.  He’s in China, which is really what he found was his love, was his language and so he hopes to be in intelligence work which is what he’ll end up doing,” she said. She has conversations with Benjamin regularly, but there are times where communication is difficult and they could go weeks without talking...that's when the Blue Star Mothers come in.  Each mom displays a Blue Star in front of their homes representing honor, love and support. “A lot of people don’t understand what the service academy’s are like and a lot of people think its college, but its very intense and they are active duty military while they’re there and so it was hard because we knew when he left, he was gone.  He wasn’t coming home,” she said. The group meets once a month at the American Legion Post on Madrid in Las Cruces.