Border Patrol Seizes $168,000 Near Las Cruces

Las Cruces – Border Patrol agents west of Las Cruces, New Mexico seized over $168,000 in cash in two separate incidents. Both seizures took place this weekend at the U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoint, located on I-10 west of Las Cruces.

In the early morning hours on Friday, Border Patrol agents assigned to the I-10 checkpoint, observed a commercial bus pull into the primary inspection area of the checkpoint. After an initial inspection of the bus, it was determined that a secondary inspection of the bus was necessary.

Once in secondary inspection, a K-9 performed a non-intrusive inspection of the luggage compartment and produced a positive alert. The K-9 alerted to a black suitcase in the rear of the luggage bin. The black suitcase contained approximately $154,000 in a makeshift compartment inside the suitcase.

In a separate incident, agents were able to thwart another smuggling scheme of currency through the I-10 checkpoint. Vigilant agents observed two individuals approach the checkpoint in a rental car. As Agents were questioning both individuals they noticed the mannerisms change in both individuals, which led to a secondary inspection. While in the secondary inspection area, a K-9 unit conducted a non-intrusive inspection of the vehicle and alerted to the trunk area. Agents then began to conduct a hand search of the trunk space and discovered two small bundles of currency. The bundles contained approximately $14,000.