Bottled Water Available During Sunland Park Outage

Jun 21, 2013

  Water is being distributed to the public in Sunland Park while crews continue to repair an inoperable well.

A water truck with drinking water is available at the fire station next to the Camino Real Regional Utility Authority (CRRUA), located at 5650 McNutt Road. Bottled water is also available at the CRRUA offices.              

Water users in the Sunland Park area were advised to conserve water during expected system-wide outages after a wind event Thursday caused a well to fail. 

The Camino Real Regional Utility Authority provides water service for the City of Sunland Park and most of the unincorporated areas in and around the Santa Teresa County Club and the Santa Teresa Port of Entry. The outages and conservation warnings apply to all users of the system.

Questions and concerns can be directed to the Camino Real Regional Utility Authority offices at (575) 589-1075.