Boxing Champion Austin Trout opens Club K.O.

Apr 5, 2012

(Las Cruces) -- World boxing champion Austin Trout is taking fighting outside the ring and into the classroom.

Trout walks into the classroom just as if he was entering the fighting ring, but there is just one difference.

“It’s even more scarier,” he said.

Trout, a world boxing champion and Las Cruces native is visiting area schools through his own program called Club K.O., which stands for Knock Out.  He talks with students and trys and knocks out issues such as peer pressure, drugs and alcohol and health and fitness.

“If I was put in this position where everybody is listening than I got to make what comes out of my mouth is going to help us instead of hurt,” he said.

Trout hopes students listening to his presentation will apply what they learn in their own lives.

“Education, save up, take responsibility, dot your I’s and Q’s so everything that they said then and if I apply everything early I’d proud be better at it,” he said.

One topic Trout enjoys talking about is bullying, a subject he knows too well.  You see, when he was growing up Trout was picked on and he shares stories on how he eventually overcame bullies at school.

“If you have a strong mind, you can’t be persuaded to do something you’re not suppose to do,” he said.

Trout is planning for an HBO fight later this summer, but in the meantime he wants to continue talking with kids, bringing them encouragement and inspiring them to follow their own dreams.

“The kids have been very welcoming, very attentive and I think they got something out of it, if I can just inspire one, my job is done,” said Trout.