Bringing Awareness Through A Fundraiser

Jun 13, 2012

(LAS CRUCES)-- A tattoo can be a permanent symbol, representing many things in someone's life. A local group is using tattoos for more than just artwork.

Selena Vargas has plenty of tattoos, but it's her recent one that's drawing a lot of attention.

"My mom has Alzheimer's. She's had it for about four years now. She's only 57 years old and I help take care of her," Vargas said.

Vargas not only wants to get closer with her mother, but she also wants to educate others on the disease.

The tattoo is of the Alzheimer's symbol, which represents people and science coming together to find a cure. 

"It hit home really close and a lot of my friends actually have a family member who has had it or it has touched them in some way, so when I saw about it I wanted to get involved and do something," she said.

Vargas organized a team with "American Graffiti," a local tattoo business. Together, they're helping raise money for research. Andres Barela is the owner and artist helping with the fundraiser.

"Who doesn't go out of their way for their mother?" Barela said. 

The shop is donating 90-percent of the profit made from the tattoo of the Alzheimer's symbol. Barela says he's also donating 10-percent from any other tattoos he works on until the end of the fundraiser.

"It feels really good and I'm glad that all of my guys that are here, that work here, decided to help out and come in and give their time and give up the same amount of percentage, as well," he said.

The fundraiser is taking place now through September.