Burn "Victim" Charged With False Police Report

Las Cruces – A warrant has been obtained by Dona Ana County Sheriff's Investigators for the arrest of an individual who falsely reported to two different law enforcement agencies that his "friends" after losing a bet, set him on fire, leaving him on the side of the road.

RANDY MALONE, age 47, of the 9200 block of Higgins, Butterfield, has been charged by officials with two misdemeanor counts of Making a False Report, to two different law enforcement agencies, the Las Cruces Police Department and the Dona Ana County Sheriff's Department, on July 5, 2010.

MALONE was found literally, according to witnesses, naked and on fire on Highway 70, on the overpass at Del Rey Boulevard wearing only his shoes, with a prosthetic right leg, just below his right knee.

MALONE had what appeared to be "significant" burns to his right leg, back and buttocks, as well as portions of his prosthetic leg and what was left of his sock.

A credible witness, who came forward on Friday, reported giving MALONE a ride into town after he approached the witness alone and in a physical condition that did not rouse the suspicion of the witness.

MALONE, according to the witness, had placed a "crack" pipe in his pocket prior to the witness demanding and dropping MALONE off on Highway 70 at the overpass, after "lighting up."

Magistrate Judge Joseph Guillory set bond at $2,000.00, cash only.