Cello Journeys: A Conversation With Cesar Martinez Bourguet And Alejandro Barranon

Las Cruces – When cellist Cesar Martinez Bourguet traveled to Armenia five years ago, he discovered that the people were different, the food was different, and even the way they played music was different from what he had learned in his youth in Mexico and, in more recent years, in the United States. But he won them over, earning top honors in sonata interpretation at the 2006 Khachaturian International Cello Competition in Yerevan.

Now teaching at NMSU, Cesar came to KRWG with compatriot pianist Alejandro Barranon to discuss the music they will feature on their forthcoming CD, due out in May, which is all by Armenian and Russian composers. The interview was hosted by Intermezzo's Leora Zeitlin.