China Program at WNMU

Silver City – Silver City is expected to get some new residents from China this Fall.

Students from China who are accepted into a new program .and receive visas ..will be living in campus residence halls at Western New Mexico University.

It's called the 1-2-1 China Partnership Program. The two representing 2 years in Silver City.

WNMU has formed agreements with four Chinese universities to allow students to attend the school during their sophomore and junior years.

The 1-2-1 program will bring the first Chinese students to WNMU in the Fall .they'll study in the Expressive Arts program.

WNMU President John Counts recently returned from a 10-day trip to China where he visited four universities, two high schools, and one vocational-tech college.

Counts says the Chinese take education seriously at all levels .he's visited China in the past .and also lived in Southeast Asia for two years.

He says ..the message he took from China is the world is shrinking faster than he thought.

That shrinking world is especially true in the academic realm where universities continue to recruit from institutions all over the world.

WNMU expects to have students from at least 14 countries this fall.