Chrissy Gephardt Stumps For Her Father In New Mexico

Las Cruces, NM – Her father by the way is Missouri Congressman Dick Gephardt. He is a Democrat running for president. Chrissy is an advocate for mental health. She spoke to April Padilla and her social policy class at New Mexico State University. April was pleased that Chrissy has taken on a significant role in the Gephardt for President Campaign.

Padilla got a healthy dose of social policy throughout the talk by Gephardt. The congressman's daughter pitched her father as a pragmatic politician who is looking to deliver results for the little guy. On a range of issues, including healthcare.

Gephardt is a fiery pitchwoman for her father, but she says her father's ideas sell themselves.

Part of the reason Chrissy Gephardt excites the base is because she is openly gay. While this is helpful to excite some voters, she says her sexual preference could also be a liability to the campaign.

Gephardt is lagging behind Howard Dean in Southern New Mexico in both fundraising and organization. Dean is the only campaign to have opened a Las Cruces office. Others presidential hopefuls will be turning their focus on Southern New Mexico as the February Caucuses approach.