City Approves Country Club Rezoning

Aug 20, 2013

With a 6 - 1 vote, the City of Las Cruces voted to rezone around 30 acres of land at the Las Cruces Country Club from residential to commercial.

After a small delay from a power outage…

The Las Cruces city council voted to rezone about 30 acres of the now empty Las Cruces country club for future commercial development.

Local architect Steve Newby gave his comments at the meeting.

“We’ve had a lot of growth…some of it has been good growth and a lot of it has not been good growth.”

He says the proposed development by Robert Pofahl is what he considers good growth. The council seemed to agree.

Greg Smith represents District 2.

“What we had presented to us was I believe a very comprehensive idea…plan that looks like it will help our community.”

When it came time to make a decision on the change, from residential to commercial, most of the councilors had a few questions before they voted yes, but only one councilor, Miguel Silva, actually voted no on the change.

Silva cited traffic problems in his vote, something councilor smith says he plans to address at future meetings.

“That is one of our worst intersections in Las Cruces so adding to the number of people…is a very reasonable concern.”

Newby has lived in Las Cruces for decades and, as an architect, says we have a choice when it comes to growth…

“Smart growth is nothing more difficult than doing what we’ve always done.”

Developers have two years from this rezoning to build commercial property on the land. Otherwise it will revert back to its original zoning.