Comedian Bill Santiago Talks Spanglish in Las Cruces

Mar 13, 2012


A well-known comedian and author paid a visit to Las Cruces recently, discussing a topic many Hispanic households know a little too much about.

Bill Santiago is the oldest of four and says he barely escaped a career in journalism before becoming a stand up comic.


“I love getting on stage, saying what I have to say and you know right away if you’re connecting and there’s no filters, there’s no editors, it’s just you and the people you have to get across to,” he said.

Santiago won over fans during his first television special called "Comedy Central Presents: Bill Santiago."  On the program he made observations about Spanglish, which turned into a book deal.  His book "Pardon my Spanglish," was recently published.

“It’s all about how people, who speak English and Spanish combine both languages and don’t even think about it, they operate them both simultaneously and have found very interested ways to weave the languages simultaneously,” he said.

His book and act have taken him to night clubs coast to coast and he's even made appearenences on TV's late night circuit performing on Conan and Craig Ferguson.

“You’re families come into this country and no matter you have to engage with the United States and English, you know especially if you’re looking to be mobile to get into business, there’s no one here who’s not going to learn English, you have to learn English.  Then you have your Spanish, your mother tongue, when you hear you think about your mom and you aunt and it makes you feel wonderful and you want to keep it alive and you really try to hold on to it,” said Santiago.

Santiago can be seen during a full interview on KRWG-TV's "Fronteras: A Changing America," later in March.  Stay Tuned.