Connor: Vote In The Las Cruces Municipal Election

Oct 31, 2017

Commentary: Why aren’t we scared for our future? 

The most recent article in NM Politics, penned by Heath Haussamen, entitled “Progressives aim for another big win in Las Cruces as Election Day nears,” should have every Democrat, Independent, Republican, or anyone concerned about the future of Las Cruces worried.  

It clearly depicts confidence from Progressives about a victory next Tuesday. They feel confident that Progressive voters will flood the polls to determine our future.  Does this not offend anyone who holds even a merely different ideology?  The Progressive movement claims to take credit for many of the accomplishments that the Las Cruces community, not Progressive, but the community accomplished together.  

Accomplishments such as better roads, parks, increased access to health care, and jobs are not just merely the product of a Progressive ideology but a product of bipartisan solutions led by Republican and Democrats alike.  Why are we letting Progressives take credit for OUR work? 

If you do not have Tuesday, November 7th marked in your calendar NM Politics’ article should motivate you to do so.  We, as Americans, New Mexicans, and Las Crucens have a vote and we have a choice! We have the power to make our voices heard – and should not stand by as Progressives sit back happy to collect on OUR election.  

I implore our community – please GET involved.  Reach out to the candidates, find out what they are about. Visit their facebook pages – watch the forums.  I have seen forums where Progressive candidates cannot adequately state our unemployment rate.  (See Yvonne Flores – stating our unemployment rate last spring was 5.5% when in fact it has not been that low since July of 2008- this is who Progressives hope will be making decisions next year…).  

 At the very least – please see the balanced reasoning from the Las Cruces Sun News as to why they endorsed Ceil Levatino (District 6) and Steve Montanez (District 5).  The Sun News did not endorse Progressive ideologies but common sense solutions.  

The mere implication that Progressives are ready to claim victory a week before citizens have voted is an insult to the democratic process.  Las Cruces – please wake up and go vote November 7th!  Do not let an outside ideology take over our community.   

Dolores Connor

Former City Councillor & Mayor Pro-Tem