Contaminated Gas Went To Stores In NM, CO, AZ

Oct 11, 2013

Contaminated gasoline from a New Mexico refinery went to stations in three states earlier this week.

KOB-TV reports that several loads of bad gasoline went to Giant convenient stores in Albuquerque as well as stores in Show Low and Springerville, Ariz., and Cortez and Durango, Colo.

Western Refining spokesman Gary Hanson says a gasket failed, allowing water to leak into a petroleum storage tank near Gallup.

Hanson says company workers did not realize the leak occurred until a customer called to complain on Tuesday.

Numerous motorists in Albuquerque had to take their vehicles to repair shops after the vehicles wouldn't start or stopped while being driven.

Hanson says the company will pay for repairs provided there's documentation for the gasoline purchases and repairs.

Information from: KOB-TV. 

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