Council Considers Moving Convention & Visitors Bureau

Jan 6, 2014

Right now, tourism leaders in the community say something is missing when it comes to attracting more people to Las Cruces.

“Space…building just isn’t large enough.”

That is Eric Martin. He is the Facilities Management Administrator for the City of Las Cruces.

Martin and David Dollahon presented their idea for a larger space to the council.

Dollahon is Community and Cultural Services Director for the City of Las Cruces.

“We recently went through a strategic panning…part of our efforts…. related to bringing tourism events to Las Cruces.”

The real draw for Dollahon is the Spaceport.

“We’re also looking forward to Spaceport …great tourism draw.”

The current Convention and Visitors Bureau is downtown. It is a leased space at the corner of Las Cruces Avenue and Water Street.

Dollahon and Martin have several places in mind if a new building is chosen.  Martin would like to see it stay downtown.

“Downtown is very important…we just finished reopening Main Street.”

City council work sessions in the near future will decide if and where a new Convention and Visitors Bureau would be located.