Court: Elected Official Removed Upon Conviction

New Mexico – SANTA FE, N.M. (KRWG) The state Supreme Court says former Public Regulation Commissioner Carol Sloan automatically forfeited her office last year when she was convicted of felonies.

In a written opinion issued last week, the court explained why it ordered Sloan's removal last June when she refused to step down.

Sloan was convicted in April 2010 of battery and burglary for attacking a woman who allegedly had an affair with her husband. Sloan was sentenced to five years, but that was suspended and she was placed on probation.

Sloan argued that impeachment was the only way to remove her from office.

The court said Sloan's removal took effect when she was convicted. The state Constitution required her to be a "qualified elector" to hold office and that ended with the felony convictions.

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