Credit Check: Equifax And Your Financial Future

Sep 12, 2017

Ever bought a car? Applied for a job? Checked your credit score? Then you’re probably in the system. The U.S. credit system.

Three of the biggest credit bureaus — TransUnion, Experian and Equifax — have data on millions of Americans. And some of that data, including addresses, Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers, have now been compromised in a cyberattack on Equifax. An estimated 143 million people could be affected by the breach.

Why do three companies have control of so much private information? Who’s minding the credit bureaus? And is there anything consumers can do to protect personal data from future hacks?


Michelle Singletary, Syndicated columnist of “The Color of Money” for The Washington Post

Nela Richardson, Chief economist, Redfin

Tammy Baldwin, U.S. senator, (D) Wisconsin

Joseph Rubin, Senior vice president of Government Affairs and Public Relations, MWW

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