Cruz Won't Give Up Pay If Government Shuts Down

Sep 28, 2013

Credit Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas

  Ted Cruz says he's not planning to give up his paycheck as a U.S. Senator if there is a federal government shutdown.

Addressing an Austin conference via video feed Friday evening, Cruz said he hoped there wouldn't be a government shutdown. He said he hadn't given much thought to what effect it could have on his Senate pay.

But when pressed he said he "had no intention" of giving up his paycheck.

Cruz's comments came fresh off his 21-plus hour speech on the U.S. Senate floor.

He has vowed to halt funding to the White House-backed health care reform law or shutdown the government trying. But he knew even before he started that his talkathon wouldn't accomplish either.

The spectacle irked Cruz colleagues in both parties, but energized conservative activists.

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