Dark Money Groups Can’t Stand That Pearce Puts New Mexico First

Sep 21, 2017

Credit Rep. Steve Pearce (R) New Mexico

Commentary: Dark money groups continued their attack on Steve Pearce for being the only candidate for governor who puts New Mexico above special interests, releasing a misleading and desperate ad today as part of an ongoing campaign funded by left-wing out-of-state donors with a partisan agenda.

“Dark money groups are pulling out all the stops to attack Steve Pearce because his vision for New Mexico is a threat to their partisan agenda,” said Pearce campaign spokesman Greg Blair. “Steve worked with residents, ranchers, conservationists, business owners, and community leaders in Southern New Mexico to protect public lands without hurting the local economy and their way of life. That kind of leadership is unacceptable to left-wing special interest groups, who parachute into New Mexico to enact a radical agenda with no regard for how it affects people who actually live here.”

The group behind the ad is part of a partisan attack organization funded by dark money groups all over the country. Through shady alliances with other far-left special interests, these attack groups want to push radical policies like gun control, government-run healthcare, and appeasing and funding Iran, a state sponsor of terrorism.

“New Mexicans are tired of partisan dysfunction in government, but these groups thrive on it,” Blair added.  “Steve Pearce is the only candidate who wants to change the way things are done in Santa Fe. It’s not surprising that special interests are fighting his vision tooth and nail.”