Dirty Cowboy

Las Cruces, NM – One summer night in Arizona as the blue sky faded to orange Don Lusk's Great Granddaughter, Amy Timberlake was introduced to the Dirty Cowboy. She was eight years old, and loved that her Grandfather would pass along the Silver City lore before drifting away for a nights rest. The origin of the stories goes back three generations. The passage of the stories is a bit complicated and hard to verify. But simply put, Great Grandpa Lusk passed down the stories to Papa who would share them with his granddaughter, Amy. Out of the many stories that came from the headlines of the Silver City Enterprise the Dirty Cowboy was the all time favorite for Timberlake and her brother. To this day she remains captivated by this tale of transformation. The Dirty Cowboy takes the readers on a journey from filthiness to nakedness