Dispute Over The Biggest Enchilada

Las Cruces – Guinness World Records says the top ranking for the largest enchilada ever made goes to a community in Mexico, although the New Mexico restaurant owner who once held the record says the book isn't properly comparing enchiladas to enchiladas.

Roberto Estrada of Las Cruces says his three-layered, flat enchilada is the largest flat enchilada, and that the enchilada made in Mexico is the largest rolled enchilada.

A spokeswoman for Guinness World Records says, however, there is only one category for enchiladas, flat or rolled.

Residents in a Mexico City suburb cooked their way into the record book in October with a 230-foot-long rolled enchilada.

Estrada says his 10 -foot-diameter flat enchilada belongs in a separate category.


Information from: Las Cruces Sun-News,

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