District 36 State Rep. Candidate Hopes To Unseat Incumbent

Las Cruces, NM – Republican Debra White, who is a twenty-year U.S Air Force retiree, is up against four-term State Representative, Democrat Andy Nunez.

One of White's top priorities is education in the state. She says schools are in need of an overhaul in the system.

White-"I think the 60 plus percent of the state budget that goes to the schools; we need to get it out of the hands of the bureaucracy and we need to get it to the schools. Principals know how to do their jobs, the administrators in schools know how to do their jobs and teachers know how to teach. So if we give it to the principal they will know best where to spend that money."

White also favors reducing the size of state government and cutting spending. According to White, out of every one hundred people twenty-five works for the state government.

Another area White says needs attention is the state's business sector. She says regulations are too oppressive.

White-"I've talked to a lot of small business owners and their major problem with the state government is they keep increasing regulations. We need to lower a lot of the restrictions that we have on small business."

A request for an interview with Incumbent Andy Nunez was not returned. Early voting is taking place now at several polling places throughout the county for a list go to the county's website