Documentary Premiere In El Paso Friday

Apr 9, 2014


A Story of Three Lives Stuck in a World of Violence

Determined to be an Example for

Generations to Come 

Friday April 11 at 7:30pm at Cinemark Cielo Vista


There are over 70,000 active gang members in Central America.

In Guatemala, it is known the only way to leave a gang is in a coffin.

But for a group of young people, beyond the despair, remains a hope found, not in gun shots, but in break dancing.

Where young people are trapped in a world where gangs rule – there is an uprising of young people that don’t just dance...but dance for their lives.

BBOY for LIFE is a human interest story that exposes not only the threat Guatemalans face on a day to day basis, but also the journey toward a life where peace and hope shine more brightly. The lives of two dancers and one active gang member collide in what makes for a powerful story.

BBOY for LIFE documents the lives of break dancers, and the hope and freedom they discover in their dance. The b-boys bring competition to the dance, not the streets. There is no fear, hatred, or bloodshed in the dance like there is in the streets of Guatemala.

Leidy is an active gang member fresh out of prison, who struggles with leaving the gang life behind for the sake of her family. She knows the gang will not let her go easily… and her decision will put her family in grave danger.

When the life of Leidy intersects with break dancers Cheez and Gato, they discover a common bond of wanting to escape the world of crime, hatred, and violence that engulfs them, and set an example for the younger generation.

Being a b-boy or b-girl in Guatemala City carries with it a heavy burden and risk due to a plague of gangs throughout the ghettos. Gato's brother was shot and killed by a gang for not giving the names of other b-boys in his neighborhood, including Gato's.

Trapped in a world where gangs rule, it is the dream of the b-boys to break dance. In the dance, they discover the freedom to express their feelings and frustrations. Together the b-boys have found a family, and for some, it is the only family they will ever know.