Dog Breeder Under Investigation

Las Cruces – Investigators with the Dona Ana County Sheriff's Department have been asked to assist the Capitan Police Department on a possible animal cruelty case after Capitan Police Chief Randy Spears suspected a Lincoln County dog breeder was selling sickly Belgian Malinois dogs.

Investigators say the woman, who owns and operates Ruidoso Malinois in Lincoln County, knowingly sold dogs that were infected with giardia and coccidia. Both diseases can be transmitted to humans, according to a veterinarian with the Do a Ana County Sheriff's Department. Symptoms of giardia and coccidia include diarrhea, stomach cramps, and in rare cases, death.

The breed is popular among law enforcement K-9 units, including the Dona Ana County Sheriff's Department, which purchased a dog from Belgian Malinois last year. The New Mexico Department of Corrections also bought a dog from the same breeder.
Investigators have information that other dogs were sold to law enforcement agencies that may not be aware their dogs are in danger. They are also warning anyone who has purchased a Belgian Malinois from Lincoln County to have their dog seen by a veterinarian immediately.

If you or someone you know may have been a victim of this breeder, please contact the Dona Ana County Sheriff's Department, (575) 525-8894 or the Capitan Police Department, (575) 354-2153.