Dona Ana County Accepts Credit Card Tax Payments..For A Fee

Las Cruces – Dona Ana County will now allow property owners to pay their property taxes using major credit cards.

Dona Ana County will accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

But there's a catch .a big one ..

The credit card processor will charge a fee equal to 2.49 percent of the tax bill.

The Dona Ana County Treasurer's Office will also accept electronic checks. To use that convenience .there's a flat fee of 2 dollars and 95 cents.

To speed lines once tax bills come due .one teller window at the County Government Center will be devoted to credit-card transactions, with the remaining windows available to process cash and check payments.

Tax bills were scheduled to go out in the mail this week ..First-half property taxes in Dona Ana County come due on November 10 .and will be considered late if not submitted by December 10.

The county says .once tax payments are late, the State of New Mexico imposes penalties and interest that cannot be removed or modified by the County Treasurer's Office, regardless of circumstances.