Dona Ana County Approves Berino Subdivision

Las Cruces, NM – The subdivision called, "Parque Homes" is an eighty-five lot area that was proposed by Tierra Del Sol Housing Corporation.

In April, the Commission conditionally approved the proposed subdivision pending infrastructure improvements that were eventually completed.

Some nearby residents expressed concern about increased traffic and the location of a drainage pond. Residents were concerned about safety and water levels. County officials say the pond has a system in which overflow and standing water can drain efficiently.

Luis Marmolejo is the County Senior Planner.

Marmolejo-"Basically, the bottom of the pond is dirt and it is going to tie into our storm water drainage out there. It will accumulate, but in some point in time it will reach a certain level it will drain out that drains into our system."

Tierra Del Sol Executive Director Rose Garcia says it will be a mixed market between low and high income families and at least half will be the area market as well.

Garcia-"Already we have about 23 families that are prospective buyers. It means a lot to the area and I think it's a positive thing for the workforce of the area. "

Financing for qualified families is available through the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Development Section 502 Direct Loan program.