Dona Ana County: ATV Damage May Have Contributed To Dam Failure

Sep 17, 2013

Crews work on utility lines in massive La Union area sinkhole.
Credit Facebook (Shari V. Hill/Sun-News)

  A preliminary investigation indicates that wheel ruts from all-terrain vehicles contributed to the failure of the southern dam last Friday near La Union. Vehicular traffic in, or and near the north and south dams is discouraged, as the ruts can damage the integrity of the structures. 

The Doña Ana County Flood Commission and the Doña Ana County Roads Department – along with some contracted firms – are bringing additional heavy equipment into the La Union area to assist with road repairs and reconstruction of the dam south of town.

Residents are advised to exercise enhanced caution while the heavy equipment is in use. Vehicular traffic to the dam site is strongly discouraged until the rehabilitation project is completed. Pedestrian traffic along the roads under construction is discouraged while the equipment is being operated.